Selfproducing only


High-End Recording for Low-Budget

You can rent Studio A and Studio B with or without engineer.

For those of you who want to engineer on your own, there will be a introductory briefing to help you set up your own individual recording situation.

If you want to bypass the desk we have a high-end solution using a front-end of external mic-pres.

The 8 x SPL Premium mic-pres and 8 mic pres of the Focusrite ISA 828 can be directly patched into the converters.

For recording overdubs in Studio B, we will set-up a pre-amp and microphone (Avalon, Neumann etc.) combination that best suits your individual recording situation.

There are many different possibilities to create package deals between Studio A and Studio B.

In this way you can optimize your production costs and only rent what you really need.

For individual package deals just call !

Studio Booking