I founded Thommy Hein Sound Studios in 1987 while still active as a musician.

From 1987 until 1992 I also worked as a freelance engineer in many different studios but mostly in the legendary “Preußen-Ton” Studios where bands such as Die Ärzte, Einstürzende Neubauten, The Wire and Die Toten Hosen produced their records. This gave me the chance to work with many artists, bands and producers and experience their different approaches.

This inspired me to develop my own studio so that different creative approaches can be realised without technical borders. In 1997 I overtook the third floor étage of the former owner of “Preußen-Tonstudio” and brought the studio I had developed to this great location.

Requests came in to not only engineer but also to produce for bands. I had the priviledge of producing many great bands and artists such as Extrabreit, Dreadful Shadows, Zeraphine, Scycs, Peter Heppner, Tanzwut and many more (see my references).