Studio A

Studio A

Recording – Mixing & Mastering

  • Studio A offers a 35m2 air-conditioned control room and two recording rooms.
  • All of the rooms are acoustically enhanced and built for purpose.
  • It has an analogue Soundtracs mixing board with 96 inputs and 32 routing busses.
  • The digital recording system offers 72 analogue inputs and outputs for recording and mixing.
  • For recording, mixing and mastering a selection of high-end tube outboard, digital outboard and plug-ins is available.
  • During the mixing and mastering process you have the option of analogue, digital (with total recall) or any imaginable hybrid to realize your sound design wishes.


With our acoustically flexible recording rooms anything from a string quartet to a complete live band setup is possible. We have a first class collection of rare and high quality microphones and outboard pre-amps (such as the Focusrite Isa 828, SPL Premium Mic-Pre´s 8x, Avalon etc.) for any conceivable recording situation.

Our fantastic sounding drum room draws many colleagues to Berlin specifically to record drums here.
On request, an analogue 2” – 24 track recorder may be synchronized with the digital system.



We offer pure analogue mixing on the desk with analogue outboard equipment.

We also offer a hybrid set-up using the best of both worlds, analogue and digital or a complete digital mix(in the box).

In Studio A, it is also possible to mix in 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Surround.

Everything is possible to achieve the sound you are looking for.



Mastering can be done together in the studio or via online file transfer.

We can tailor the production for CD, Vinyl, streaming or club situation.

Hundreds of projects, singles, EP´s and albums of all different styles and genres have been mastered with us including many Top 10 tracks and gold selling CDs and DVDs.

If you think that your mix still needs some improvements, you might want to go for a stem-mastering that that offers us much more possibilities.

Depending on the source material and your sound design wishes we can simultaneously offer you a variety of systems for audio post-production.

  • The source material may be processed on an analogue signal path (primarily with tube equipment such as Avalon, Tube-Tech, SPL) and digitalized at the end of the processing chain (24bit/192KHz Apogee clock)
  • For a digital set up we can provide you with top quality mastering plug-ins and our external hardware
  • A hybrid set up to give you the best of both worlds


You can also compare each set up and choose which constellation is the best for your production.

Along with our Westlake BBSM-12 reference-monitor system there is of course a variety of top quality monitoring systems and consumer systems available.


After the audio production has been completed we can intergrate IRSC, EAN codes and CD texts.




If it’s a surround mix/master of a live concert, a studio production, a filmscore or a sound installation, we have the experience to lead your project to the final pre-master for a DVD, DVD-A , SACD or Blue-Ray.

We have a Tascam Ms 7.1 monitor-matrix (with up- and downmix monitoring and Bassmanagement) here in house.

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